Samy Dana says he can bet $150,000 against Bitcoin high

Samy then left his suggestion to realize the bet, he tops, as long as the value is in dollar and that it is in an official way.

Samy Dana, the famous Brazilian economist known for being a Bitcoin critic, suggested that he could bet against Bitcoin’s high. After the profile Mises Capital look for someone from the financial market to bet $ 50 thousand that Bitcoin will not exceed $ 233 thousand next year, Samy suggested that the bet would be in dollar: $ 150 thousand.

„Does anybody from the financial market bet $50 thousand that Immediate Bitcoin will not exceed $233,000 next year? If it doesn’t exceed I pay, if it exceeds you pay me“, said Mises Capital profile – with 44 thousand followers – on Twitter.

Then Samy answered:

„Why don’t you bet? like 150 thousand? But let’s bet in dollar which is more amusing, the biggest BTC market is based on dollar“.

Then he explained that he could even make the bet in an official way, as long as it was of at least 50 thousand dollars.

„I’m quiet on mine, you offer a bet. If it’s BTC itself, it should be made in USD; if against the real, we can make real vs. dollar without BTC I don’t know the intention, but I think R$ 50 thousand is a very low value. I suggest at least 50 or 100 thousand dollars. I also want to do it in official form“.

Fabricio Tota, director of Bitcoin Market offered the table of the brokerage house to serve as a guarantee (escrow) and Samy asked what could be done to avoid default, that is, the loser of the bet stop paying.

Tota then answered that a suggestion would be for both of them to deposit the amount before, which the Bitcoin Market would do custody and in the future would pass on to the eventual winner.

Samy explained that in case of an eventual bet, there would not be a legal mechanism against default. So, in Samy’s opinion, if he loses, he has to pay, but if he wins, the loser disappears and doesn’t pay the amount. So it wouldn’t be interesting to make the bet in an unofficial way.

Samy then left his suggestion to make the bet, he tops, as long as the value is in dollar and it is in an official way.

„I’ve already suggested to bet in dollar both the value and the Real target price is in low, besides, I’m waiting for a broker that accepts bet in order it be done in an official way“.

The bet has not yet been made, and the value has not been defined either. Based on the price suggested by Mises Capital ($ 233 thousand), Bitcoin would have to reach $ 44 thousand next year.